After-School Programs 

          Fall 2021 - 2022


Chess Club + Strategy Games

Mondays 3:30pm-4:30pm

Instructor: Blake  

Ages: 5yrs+

Cost: $9 - Standard Aftercare Fee

7 Weeks 10/4 - 11/15

Chess is one of the best ways to activate the mind of any young problem solver. 

It allows students to think critically about the game while also improving their skills and memory. In our chess club, we like to allow the kids to be transported to a world of kings and queens, kings and knights, as they defend their fortress during the ultimate battle of two kingdoms. Other games include: Checkers, Othello, Mancala, and More! 

​Archery Club 

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm

Instructor: Blake 

Ages: 5yrs +

Cost: $9 - Standard Aftercare Fee

7 Weeks 10/5 - 11/16

Archery is one of those sports that is easy to pick up and difficult to master. It takes dexterity, concentration, hand eye coordination, and discipline. The number one rule when participating in archery class is safety. The National Association of Archery in Schools (NASP) has a rigidly structured safety procedure that makes it one of the most safe sports of all time. 


I want to take the time with archery students this year and cover the basics and then really get into the fundamentals of archery. We will dive deeper into the complexities of the sport that may even allow us to, eventually, compete on a district or state level.

Mixed Dance Class

Instructor: Teresa 

Wednesdays 3:30pm-4:10pm(Junior) 4:15pm-5:00pm(Intermediate)

Ages: Any Age 

Cost: $25 per class

6 Weeks 10/6 - 11/17 (Skip 10/20)


This year I have invited a good friend of mine, Teresa, to join us in featuring an all new dance class at ILA. The class will feature a mix of Hip-Hop and Ballet with some contemporary Jazz sprinkled in. Teresa has a passion for music and dance. She is excited to provide a high energy and engaging dance experience that our students are going to love!

Guitar Class

Instructor: Colin 

Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:30-4:30PM

Ages: K+

Cost: $30/Class

 8 weeks from 10/6 -  11/17-12/1 (Beginner) 11/18-12/3 (Intermediate) (Skip 10/20 & 10/21)


Our very own Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Colin, will be our new after school guitar teacher! Colin has always had a passion for music. This eventually led him to teach himself how to play guitar. Colin has been playing guitar for 20 years and taught guitar in France before moving to the United States. This class will offer an exciting and fun way to learn the guitar. It will include references in both English and French in order to increase our students' musical vocabulary in both languages. 


Parents will be responsible for renting or buying their own guitar, however Mr. Colin and myself will be available to help with any questions regarding sizes, strings, and brands. When you do purchase or rent a guitar it is highly recommended that it has nylon strings. Nylon strings are easier to manipulate by younger musicians.



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