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Fall After School Clubs 

Fall After School Programs 2020


Kapla is a block-stacking and building pastime that has spread across Europe and proved to be much more than just a game! Kapla is highly educational and is now a popular activity in many excellent schools. 

At first glance it looks quite simple. The identical small blocks are made from cultivated pine wood in accordance with European safety standards. Kapla is played on the floor and involves children and teachers. Children automatically acquire the right posture as they play, since Kapla is also a balancing game. There are infinite building possibilities, all with the aim of artistic and architectural creativity. Kapla uses no glue or fasteners; the planks are held in place by gravity and balance alone.

Kapla Club is a place where your child can learn through experimentation, working on language and math as well as skills of deduction. Kapla stimulates logical thinking, cognitive development, perseverance, fantasy, concentration, and teamwork. But it's also a whole lot of fun!

Kapla dog .jpeg
Chess Club

Playing chess helps develop useful mental skills including logic, tactical thinking, planning ahead, and problem-solving. Chess Club lets kids build these skills while also having fun and making friends.

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Chess Pieces
Archery Club

Safety is the Archery Club’s number one priority, thus students will first learn how to properly handle and shoot a bow and how to stay safe on an archery range.They will also learn the layout of a bow, and proper terminology. The club supports competitive as well as recreational shooting.

Archery Board nature
Hiking Group

There are endless wonders in nature, especially when they are seen through the eyes of a child. How does a spider know how to build its web? How does a caterpillar make a cocoon and become a butterfly?  How does a hummingbird hover like that? There are questions we ask ourselves daily, and yet are still amazed.


 It is so important that kids spend time outside connecting with  plants and wildlife (especially given the over-saturation of digital media in our modern world). Join our passionate hiker Mr. Blake for after-school rambles around the extended wooded ILA campus, on our extensive new nature trails... and beyond! What do you love most about nature? Come find out!

Out in the Garden

What is a flower for? Why do we call that plant a weed? Are tomatoes the only fruit we treat like a vegetable?(Not even close!) Can I grow a baby plant from that adult plant and take it home to my own garden? (Of course!) We welcome each child’s personal passion and curiosity in ILA’s new “Garden Club and Nature Squad,” which is forming  at the intersection of ILA’s Green School status and its developing responsibility platform (encouraging kids to take responsibility for helping out in their school). Kids will meet after school with Mme Cary, our on-site gardener, and help with the hands-on activities of caring for ILA’s ever-growing garden-scape...planting, watering, weeding, and more.They can watch plants sprout and develop before their eyes, and (eventually) taste the fruits of ILA’s

Image by Markus Spiske
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