Leadership & Faculty

Executive Director and Pedagogy Director

Dr. Massène Mboup

Executive Director

Massene Mboup is the Executive Director of ILA. He began his career in a small village classroom with 81 students and no assistant. He then went back to college and graduated with dual majors in English and Linguistics. He then attended École Normale Supérieure, graduating with a Secondary Teaching Degree.

Since 1999, Massene has taught within the greater Portland area at both the Portland French School and the French American International School. His unique commitment and understanding to the needs of children are evident in his daily interactions with students, you will often find students walking into his office giving him a high five and a hug, while he hands out stickers and praise for a good day at school. Massene's passion is soccer, poetry, and storytelling in his free time. 

Massene graduated from Portland State University with the Doctor of Education Leadership (Curriculum and Instruction).

Patricia Raclot

Pedagogical Director

Patricia Raclot is a native of France where she graduated from the University of Metz with a Bachelor Degree in English and in French. She earned her degree in Education from the IUFM in Epinal, les Vosges, and has since taught for over 29 years. She has a great vision and execution strategy for all teaching methods used in the ILA, as she organizes ILA’s pedagogical program. 


Patricia exemplary leadership skills as she facilitates and develops partnerships with ILA families manages special projects at the school and has a unique commitment to creating an exemplary learning environment for ILA students. Patricia is fluent in French and English and has basic linguistic skills in German and Spanish, and has diverse personal interest in swimming, fitness, modern jazz, dance, cinema, literature, theater, visual arts, and French English and American Literature. Patricia is a wonderful communicator and advocate for ILA.

Classroom Teachers

Big Toddler

Tori TP Headshot Dec 2018.jpg

Victoria Baker 

Teacher Big Toddler 

Victoria was raised in the Portland area and began studying French when she was 11. At age 16, she studied abroad in Normandy living with a host family and attending French high school where she achieved her fluency in the French language. She completed her Bachelors in French language and International Studies at Pepperdine University, where she also spent semesters studying abroad in Switzerland and Argentina. Victoria has a big heart for early childhood education and loves finding new ways to enrich the learning environment. In her free time, Victoria enjoys dance fitness, hiking, and crafting.

David Marmor 

David BIO.jpg

Assistant Big Toddler

After growing up in Paris, I traveled around France during the moves that allowed me to discover many French regions. Then after an atypical professional career it was England that welcomed me where I was able to participate in the making of films. Finally I landed in the heart of Oregon at the ILA school where I can help children thrive while sharing my experience with them.

TPS 1 


Valerie Rogers

Teacher TPS 1 

Valérie Rogers was born in Lorraine, in the east of France. She moved to the United States 24 years ago. She has been working in the early childhood sector for 15 years and has a qualification as a teacher.
Ms. Valérie is a mother of two children. She loves handicrafts and loves to cook different dishes from various countries.

_part-Pierrot Bio .jpg

Pierre Fauquié

Assistant TPS 1 

A native of Paris, Pierre arrived in Portland in 2019. He likes working with children because he finds them funny, unfiltered and energetic. You never get bored with them! 
For Pierre, it's very important that children like to come to school, have fun and feel comfortable in their environment. In his private life, he loves photography, discovering the world and sports that include football and basketball. 

TPs / PS


Zineb Kaabeche

Teacher TPS / PS

Zineb was born and raised in Setif in the east of Algeria. She studied pharmacy and obtained her master’s degree in Biotechnologies and drugs at la faculté de pharmacie de Grenoble in France, where she lived with her husband and her 3 kids for 11 years. Arrived in Oregon in 2018; Zineb embarked on teaching  and it was a revelation ; she discovered a real passion! She enjoys cooking, hiking and traveling.

Malika BIO.jpg

Malika Bouzerar

Assistant TPS / PS

Malika was born in Morocco. She grew up in Algeria. She worked as a physical education teacher in Algeria. She loves staying active and stimulating her mind by reading and learning new things. She loves taking walks with her dog, PIpo. She played for the Moroccan and Algerian international basketball teams. Malika loves working with children and is inspired by their imaginations.

PS 1 - Preschool 1  

Photo Nadia.jpeg

Nadia Labelle Ennadifi

Teacher Petite Section (1)

Nadia was born in Picardy. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in geography then a master's degree in cultures and heritage, she embarked on teaching and it was a revelation: she discovered a real passion! She wants to work with children and participate in the transmission of their knowledge by applying positive discipline. She has taught for 5 years in private establishments in the Aisne. Franco-Moroccan, she has been passionate about travel and foreign cultures from an early age, she has been able to discover more than thirty destinations around the world. She also enjoys music which she plays for leisure with her husband.

PS 2 - preschool 2

IMG_6275 (2).JPG

Fatou Bintou Wade

Teacher Petite Section (2)

 Fatou Bintou wade is of Senegalese origin, she loves to teach. She loves to take care of children and has been doing so since she was a child. This has helped her learn and grow into this profession. Fatou looks forward to connecting with the students in her class. She values fostering an environment of acceptance and growth. 

Moyenne Section 1 - PRE K 1

Nesrine Hamza pic.jpeg

Nesrine Hamza

Moyenne Section (1)

Madame Nesrine was born and raised in Algeria and arrived in Oregon in 2017. Nesrine graduated in French literature and taught French in high school for 4 years. She is passionate about the culinary arts and is constantly looking for new dishes and recipes to prepare. Nesrine also has diverse interests and enjoys traveling, discovering new spaces and new ways of life.

Moyenne Section 2 - PRe k 2


Pauline Marino 

Teacher Moyenne Section (2)

Pauline did a Literary Baccalaureate and then a bachelor's degree in Spanish and History in Toulouse. Then she passed her 2nd Master's degree to learn how to be a teacher. She is passionate about neuroscience and child development. Pauline is a fan of travel and discovery and has long dreamed of discovering different styles of teaching throughout the world. Since August she has embarked on this adventure in the USA that she does not regret! 


Debora Mansur

Assistant Moyenne Section (2)

Mrs. Debora is Belgian and a mother of two children and grandmother of two grandchildren. Over the last 30 years she lived with them in Congo where she worked for four years in a kindergarten in Kinshasa then back in Belgium. She lived in Israel in 2002 before moving to the USA. Debora loves Being surrounded by children. She is interested in reading, shopping, and helping people. ILA is perfect for her.

grande section - Kindergarten

Photo Colin.jpeg

Colin Labelle 

Teacher Grande Section 

Originally from Pierrefonds in Picardy, Colin obtained a bachelor's degree in foreign languages then a master's degree in international management. It was later that he decided to move towards teaching and then obtained his assistance from the CRPE. Colin is a musician and he enjoys sharing his passion with students through the discovery of instruments and through musical practice. He likes to be in front of vast natural spaces or in the kitchen to prepare good meals.

1_Valentin BIO.jpg

Valentin Raclot 

Assistant Grande Section

Originally from Nancy, Valentin graduated from high school from Lakeridge Highschool. He has experience in several different trades. This has allowed him to acquire adaptable skills to be applied in many different situations. He was a kindergarten teacher’s assistant in Sénégal and Rwanda. Valentin loves to be in the outdoors and go down the mountain on a snowboard. 

CP - First grade

Samantha Ligny.jpg

Samantha Ligny 

Teacher First Grade CP

Samantha Ligny was born in Ariège, in the south of France. She always wanted to be a teacher since her childhood. When she was 17, she left home to study at the University of Toulouse. She studied sociology, history, child psychology and educational sciences. After completing her bachelor's degree, she joined MEEF's master's program (Master of Teaching, Education and Training) and obtained her master's degree. During her studies, she taught at all levels. She then obtained the teacher recruitment competition (CRPE) of the Académie de Bordeaux. She likes students to give their best while having fun and learning.

CE1 - second Grade 

Lauren Wiame.jpg

Lauren Wiame 

Teacher Second Grade 

Lauren is passionate about travel and new discoveries, she is always ready to go on an adventure! At 14, she left home to study theater for 3 years and then continued her geography studies in France and Spain as part of the ERASMUS program. She then went to the Caribbean to train in teaching, a profession she has always wanted to practice. She took courses at the IUFM and graduated in Educational Sciences in 2010. After a few years of teaching under the coconut palms at different levels, she decides to explore the desert, and teaches four years in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). A lover of the arts, she particularly enjoys painting, theater and dance. In her classroom, she likes to create a reassuring environment so that children can express themselves freely, let their creativity speak and learn while having fun.

ce2, cm1, cm2 - 3rd, 4th, 5th grade

Elodie Wins.JPG

Elodie Wins 

Teacher 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

After growing up in the Ardennes, Elodie went to Reims to do a preparatory class for the grandes écoles in the literary section. She then joined the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. As you can see, she is therefore passionate about the History of the Arts, Archeology, Museology ... Then, Elodie joined a European Voluntary Service in Finland. She worked in a Finnish primary school and college as a French teacher. Back in France, she did a MEEF master's degree (master of Teaching, Education and Training) and passed the recruitment competition for school teachers (CRPE). Elodie likes to play sports, she practiced fencing for 9 years and for 2 years she has been rowing. She loves the great outdoors, nature and outdoor activities. Her other big interest is the theater. Elodie enjoys making new discoveries and opening up to new horizons.​

Department Teachers

Blake Vigran_edited.jpg

Blake Vigran 

After School Care and Summer Camp Director

Blake Vigran was born and raised in Portland. He grew up speaking French in the international school system and says the French language has always inspired him. After graduating from Sunset Highschool, Blake studied business administration at Portland State University. Mr. Blake enjoys traveling and being exposed to new cultures and traditions. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing and golfing. Blake is passionate about getting kids exctited about learning.

Christopher Robinson 

ChristopherRobinson (1).jpeg

English Teacher

Christopher Robinson is very excited to be part of the team at the International Leadership. He graduated with a master's degree in education and have over five years of teaching experience as a certified English and Special Education teacher. He says that he learned a great deal from his experiences; namely the importance of celebrating diverse voices and the fundamental need for empathy and compassion when dealing with all people. Christopher looks forward to connecting with all all the families at ILA.  

Andrea Padilla 

Spanish Teacher


Maestra Andrea Padilla was born in México, León Guanajuato. She was raised there until her teenage years, and then came to the US with her father and twin sister. She moved to Hood River, Oregon in 2015 where she completed her Associate degree in Humanities and Sciences at Columbia Gorge Community College in a picturesque small town. Her immense passion for teaching Español grew by volunteering at St. Francis House in a small rural town nearby. Through fun activities and field trips with St. Francis kids, she understood that by being able to speak Español and English she was a bridge between two cultures and communities! After the taste of helping kids get in touch with their mother tongue and simply teaching the basics to others that were not, she became thirsty to help more people. “Andy” became a Spanish private tutor for all ages--babies to adults-- and worked as an interpreter for several community events. She also worked as an Advocate for Healthy Living at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital for the Hispanic community. She is passionate about equity, hiking, dancing, exploring new cultures, and trying delicious dishes from all parts of the world.


Marc Bescond 

Music Teacher

Monsieur Marc received classical training at the Conservatoire in France. Born in Brittany, he has studied music since his childhood. He has taught music to children in the French-American schools of Portland for over ten years, as well as in several French conservatories. He likes to teach and share his love of music with children. Marc currently plays bass with the Portland Columbia Symphony.

Sarah Sall Bio.jpeg

Sarah Sall

Operations Assistant 

Born in San Francisco, Sarah moved to Nice, France where she attended preschool, before moving to Bend, Oregon for the rest of her k-12 schooling. She graduated from Portland State University in 2020 with a degree in Public Health Education. Sarah has enjoyed visiting her family in Morocco since she was a child and has a great appreciation for international travel. She finds working with children to be very rewarding and has done so in some capacity for the majority of her working career. In her free time, Sarah is passionate about practicing yoga, spending time in nature and listening to a good record in the sun. 

Jesus bio pic.jpg

Jesus Rubio 

Head Chef 

Jesus is a new member of the ILA team functioning as the creator of the school lunch program. However, he is not new when it comes to food and has a rich history in the culinary arts, with forty years plus to his credit.

He migrated to the United States In his teens and shortly after began his career in fine dining which led to a training position for a prominent and large restaurant corporation. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work in a variety of food venues which includes more recently Pambiche, Bugattis and La Provence. His passion is to continue to learn new things about food and he enjoys cooking wood fired delicacies when entertaining at home.

He is delighted to focus his skills at the academy and finds it quite rewarding to be a part of providing high quality and nutritious school lunches and snacks at ILA. Jesus hopes to be a part of raising the bar in academic food programs


Pierre Burthey 

Substitute Teacher 

Born in Marseille, Pierre spent most of his youth in Haute-Saône, in eastern France. After studying at the University of Franche-Comté, he obtained the status of teacher at the IUFM in Besançon. Pierre then moved to Germany to teach French to primary school students in Koblenz as part of an international teaching exchange program (OFAJ). After 4 years, he returned to teach in his native France, first in Montbéliard, then in Paris. In 2006, with his wife and children, Pierre moved to Oregon, where he continued to explore the beauty of the Pacific on foot, by bike and on motorbike, as well as while camping with his three children. Pierre enjoys volleyball, hiking and skiing, and has a particular passion for classical music and opera.