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Field Trip to Harley Davidson

Updated: May 21, 2018

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On Tuesday March 20th, we visited the Tigard’s Harley Davidson store. We were greeted by Daryl, a very nice gentleman with a long beard, who told us the story of the Harley Davidson company,along with the specifics of this legendary brand.Then we got to see the many models they have in the store. We also visited their workshop where the bikes are repaired. A technician even made us listen to the deafening sound of a big custom model: rock’n’roll !! After all that, Daryl gave us goodies and then we “ride”a big bike. To thank him, we sang (without the guitar!) The famous Gainsbourg song sung by Bardot:  “Je n’ai besoin de personne en Harley Davidson… Je n’reconnais plus personne en Harley Davidson… J’appuie sur le starter… Et voici que je quitte la Terre… J’irai p’t’être au paradis mais dans un train d’enfer…”

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