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Fun in the Kitchen! ITC

For ITC week, the children of PS and MS explored the theme of cooking. They completed a different recipe each day, including batter for crepes, fruit skewers, yogurt cake, chocolate sushi, egg boat, and even a simple snack assembled from grapes and other delicacies.

In addition, they each made a chef's hat for themselves, created their own cookbook, learned to fold a towel properly, participated in art activities, and responded to various everyday challenges. During the Zoom meetings, the children learned the language (French, of course) of cooking (for various utensils, types of fruit, etc. ...) by playing bingo or the game of Kim. They also explored several children's picture books on the theme of cooking.

At the end of the week, in recognition of their terrific work, they were each able to print up their own chef's diploma

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