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ILA Launches Parent Teacher Organization

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Hello Families of ILA!

My name is Dr. Melissa Fireside, I am the President of the ILA-PTO! You may have seen me around the main campus and La Crèche as I am deeply committed to ILA and sharing our vision with the community.

I have a gorgeous little boy, Benicio Fireside Bellamy, who was at Crèche and is now in Carine’s class at the main campus. The leaps and bounds he has accomplished with language, socialization, and confidence have literally affirmed my choice in trusting ILA to be part of the village that helps raise him. So, when Patricia asked me to form the Parent-Teacher Organization for ILA it was a no-brainer; I said yes and went about my way building a foundation of support for the teachers and families within our school.

I have been extremely fortunate to meet many families and parents with the same unique commitment to educating good humans and supporting not only what our kids will grow to be, but really how they behave socially in what they become. So, with that, I would like to introduce the Vice President of the ILA-PTO, Kerri Leathers Izunagbara!! Kerri is an amazing mother to the most stunning little girl, Lake, who is at La Crèche. Kerri brings kindness, fun, generosity, and wickedly smart strategies to the PTO and I could not be happier to work with her on this endeavor for the school. Also, Lisa Folberg has generously donated her skills to the PTO as the Treasurer. Lisa's support is greatly appreciated! Tracy Hensley has also provided support and ideas for strengthening ILA and building community support. Thank you, ladies, so much!!

We have many volunteer posts open on the PTO and really, they are community-action focused, meaning we need to coordinate volunteer days within the community, organize events, and create a strategy for community support. Because really, as parents we are at ILA because we believe in the education, but we need our kids to see that the community around them supports their education too. The exposure to multiple fields of practice from technology to sales to service is really how we can inspire them to live their truth and build fundamentally rewarding work lives in the future. 

The following Committees are being formed, and if you would like to help we would love your support!!

Healthy Eats and Collective Snack Committee:

We believe that eating together facilitates learning, and healthy eating habits make for better learning outcomes. This committee focuses on community partnerships and the donation of food items to support the school lunch and collective snack program.

Field Trip Committee:

Exploring the community and learning from experts in their field is essential to inspiring our students. This committee focuses on fundraising for transportation and entry costs for museums and other activities throughout the community.

School Materials Fund Committee:

Having materials that meet and exceed the basic needs of our students and teachers is essential to our school.

STE(A)M Committee: 

Technology and art learning are essential and create an imaginative practice that can inspire their future aptitude. This committee will create two large STE(A)M based events with community businesses and procure materials for the events. For example, when the main campus has Science Week we have NAVEX Global volunteering to support some of the projects.

Gala and Auction Committee:

WE ARE STARTING TO PLAN THE 2019 GALA NOW!!! Our general operating fund is supported through contributions from our ILA family and surrounding business community. The Gala Committee is focused on donation procurement and gaining community support through the sale of tickets for the event.

Grant and Scholarship Committee:

We believe that anyone who wants to attend our school should be able to regardless of financial restraint. However, we need grants and funding for that to be a reality. This committee will focus on finding grants to support an ILA Scholarship Fund and seek out opportunities in the community for private donations. 

So, what have we already done? 

- $1,500 has been raised for the Teacher Classroom Fund from grants, donors, and our restaurant events! Each of our 8 classrooms next year will have a budget of $250 to use for special projects that the teachers design for our kids!!! Our goal is $2,000 and we are so close!

- Donated funds for transportion rental to Harley Davidson

- Two garden beds donated for ITC Week 

- Kona Kids sponsorship for Field Trips

- One child on financial aid will be provided with field trips for the 2018-2019 school year

- Kroger sponsorship of the PTO 

- 10 backpacks with school supplies donated for the 2018-2019 school year

- All food and coffee for PTO events being donated from Starbucks and surrounding restaurants

- NAVEX Global will have their employees at the school this week for ITC to help in the Kindergarten Class and upper levels to build robots and design a dream playground.

- Organized donations for Teacher Appreciate Week May 7th-11th

- Organized International Women’s Day with guest speakers for 2018 (we will have an entire week next year!!)

- Organized a Passport to Paris Day with Cedar Sinai for the children to teach French to older generations and the children to learn conversational Hebrew as well; this event is being held in the latter part of May

- Procured 2018 Gala donations and PTO donations for upcoming raffles and events

- Provide strategy and leadership development throughout LO and the surrounding community 

The PTO Parent Handbook is attached to this email, please reach out to me anytime, really about anything, because I am here to support the families and teachers in any way I can. Thank you so much, I look forward to getting to know each of you better! 

Best, Melissa FiresidePresident, ILA-PTO


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