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ITC La semaine des arts

From day one the children have been engaged in highly academic activities with Monsieur Pierre and Monsieur Marc. They did art "à la manière" d'Arcimboldo. They have explored the art of Calligram based on the works of Guillaume Apollinaire and Georges Aperghis. Using autumn leaves, they each made a calligram, while listening to Aperghis's experimental music.They also are working on other Fall projects inspired by Antonio Vivalvidi's music. 

In Visual Art, the younger children made some handprint fall trees. The kids painted toilet paper rolls for the trunk and their handprints for the branches and glued paper leaves to their handprints. The second visual art was a mushroom. They used a variety of rice, lentils, and beans. The leaves you helped your children collect were used to finish off the project to surround our mushroom buddy with a comfortable pile of leaves.

In TPS, the children worked on the theme of fall creating autumn inspired arts crafts. They created paper plate leaves, coloring,and gluing bits of construction paper, tissue paper, and crèpe paper to the leaves. The different textures and colors were wholly inspired by this vibrant autumn season.

They also created personalized pumpkins gluing our photos and coloring a pumpkin template.

On Friday, as a surprise, a forest curator from Lake Oswego visited them  to engage them in learning about creatures of the Lake Oswego forest and about why our forest area is the way it is.

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