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ITC Nature

Children from the International School were so excited to be in Springbrook Park. Each one carried a bucket with a shovel (spoon), brush, and bug box provided by the Friends of Springbrook Park. They dug for worms and bugs to put into their bug boxes and then looked through the magnified top to see the animals closer. Some children looked for bug bites on leaves as we walked the trail and discovered that some plants were especially tasty for bugs. When we found mole hills, they dug down to find the mole tunnel - often they picked up a stick to put down the hole to see how deep it was. We found a bird’s nest on a tree that the children could touch and see that the bird used grasses to line the nest and mud to keep the grasses together - and it was all done with the bird’s beak! We found Velcro Plant and threw it gently at the teachers because it stuck to everyone’s clothes and hair to make them look like creatures of the forest. One of the groups found a slug that they tickled with their brushes. And we ended the walk in the nature playground where children could get inside a replica of an eagles nest. Guides and children enjoyed the great sunny day under the trees in Springbrook Park.

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