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ITC Week! Healthy Habits 10/17/22-10/21/22

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

A bunch of us gathered for the October break week to add an element of play to important principles of learning and growing together.

Amy joined Pierre and Marc in leading age specific groups independently and combined for high energy activities!

We worked creatively to avoid the substandard air quality by keeping activities inside and safe.

We led a group exercise focusing on movement meditation and deep breathing for deep relaxation and practice in dialing in high energy for later use. Moving to gentle rhythmic music as well as upbeat tunes allowed for the kiddos to cut loose and just be kids inside.

Each day included healthy snacks put together by some of the older kids who had the chance to learn about sage food handling and good choices for healthy balanced snacks

Sweet potato crackers, craisins

The theme for the group sessions was the lesson as written in the book Stone Soup

Violet W ….) first read the story to all of the children on day two. A Folk Tale set in France where the perils of war left people concerned about having enough to eat and how some clever soldiers were able to help them change their minds about creating an amazing soup that was initially going to be made from only stones and water. Check it out!

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