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Ski Field Trip

Guilhem Cauhape: "The obvious benefit is that the kids had their first exposure to skiing and were all able to go down a blue slope by the last day.

But they also had to live with others for 3 days outside of the classroom which put them in situations where they had to deal with different type of conflicts with different age groups. They had to be patient, organized, take care of their ski gears, pick their snacks and lunch and managed the little details of the day to day life. They also participated in cooking and cleaning activities.

The level of energy was really high, encouraged by the rest of the group, and I was amazed on how long the kids stayed on their skis and how willing they were to participate to everything proposed.

And all of that was done in FRENCH"

Melissa Vander Wilt:

"What I appreciated most about the ski trip (beyond just how fun it was for everyone) was how completely dedicated the teachers were to making sure the kids had a great experience, whether we were on the slopes or hanging out back at the chalet. With 13 kids, each with different confidence and skill levels (and temperaments!), it could've been a train wreck, but it absolutely wasn't -- they were all on their best behavior and I remember thinking it was because such care was being taken to make sure each one of them felt seen and supported. No one was ignored. No one was left out. Everyone got the attention and encouragement they needed. They were given the space to both have fun on their own terms, but also challenge themselves and overcome their fears and beliefs of what they were/weren't capable of. It was so incredible to watch the kids' skills improve and their confidence grow and see how proud of themselves they were over those three days, and I'm grateful to the teachers for their patience and planning and CARE. Definitely count the Vander Wilts in for future trips back up the mountain (or wherever ILA sees fit to give the kids life experiences). Thank you!"

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