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Ski Field Trip 2020

The students, chaperones and teachers all had a blast on ILA's 3rd ski trip to Mount Hood!

Some quotes from the community:

Lucie (3rd-5th grade teacher): "Thanks again to all the chaperones for their help on this great trip! And also the kids who were amazing and did a really great job!"

Vasanth (dad, whose son stayed away from his family for the 1st time): "Thank you to all the amazing teachers and chaperones. Fantastic job. I was so scared first, now I feel really glad that I signed up my boy."

Gilles (1st-2nd grade teacher): "It was a fabulous experience. I can imagine how difficult it is to let your child go, but I think that it is worth it.The children learned a lot."

Sarah (Zoé and Maya's mom):"Our girls had such a great time! We are so grateful to the teachers and volunteers who chaperoned the trip! What an amazing experience for them."

Heather (Gia's mom): "Yes! A big MERCI to everyone who went on this trip and took care of your little ones! You are my heroes! Gia had a great time on and off the slopes!"

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