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Summer Camp 2020☀️🌻☀️🌻

The summer camp was a total success. Everyone had a blast while participating in some amazing outdoor activities. Its unbelievable how quickly the summer flew by! ILA has always made it our mission to provide a safe, fun, and enriching environment for campers. This year we did %80 of our activities outside in our beautiful forest area that has been since renovated after the school's temporary closure back in March. It is amazing to see how in tune our campers were with their activities. At one moment they are scientists exploring the properties of our natural world. In another moment they are exploring the world of knights and pirates. They also got to be wilderness explorers building forts and learning about new plants. From there the adventure continues.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the ILA summer camps this year. We also want to thank the amazing ILA staff that made the summer camp possible.

Below are the themes of each week during our fun filled summer camp:

Week 1: 3-6yrs: Art and Culture 5+yrs: Mad Science: Moving with Science

Week 2: 3-6yrs: Arts and Crafts 5+yrs: Baking Camp

Week 3: 3-6yrs: Sensory Camp 5+yrs: Learning Spanish Through Creativity

Week 4: 3-6yrs: Mad Science: In the Garden 5+yrs: Yoga and Movement

Week 5: 3-6yrs: Music and Fairy Tales 5+yrs: Mad Science: Moving with Science

Week 6: 3-6yrs: Once upon a time a Puppet 5+yrs: Adrenaline Outdoor Sports Camp

Week 7: 3-6yrs: Mad Science: In the Garden 5+yrs: Knights and Pirates

Week 8: 3-6yrs: Movement and Props 5+yrs: Outdoor Adventure Camp

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