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Virtual Grandparents Celebration Day

Check out this video for Grandparents day!

"I hope you all enjoyed this show filmed by Mr. Pierrot and Mrs. Patricia and edited by Mr. Pierrot.

Please note that the original film was much longer, but due to the time limits of broadcasting via the internet, we were not able to show you all of it. The few minutes shown of each class's final production does not adequately reflect all the time spent writing, rehearsing, singing, recording, and filming. Making the puppets, and learning to synchronize one's gestures to the pre-recorded songs were also very important parts of the children's work.

I do so wish we were somehow able to share the entire, wonderful process with our parents, grandparents, and the rest of the ILA community; it was an inspiring experience.

In particular, I regret not being able to share a passage of choreographic work done (without puppets) by Mr. Colin's class which was, let us say, more artistic than humorous. As for Ms. Elodie's class, I want to thank personally for her great ideas.

Many thanks are due to Mr. Massene and Mrs. Patricia, as well as to the rest of the ILA staff:

Gentlemen: Michael, Colin, Pierrot, Anastase, Pierre, Geoffroy, Nicolas, Blake, Marc

Ladies: Malika, Debora, Zineb, Dyna, Valerie, Samantha, Nesrine, Nadia, Carine, Elodie, Christa, Cary, Dava, Laura

LaSayany, Maeve, Lili, Sophia, Jennifer, Chantal.


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