Come join us for another exciting summer at the International Leadership Academy !!

Week 2 : July 5th - July 9th 3-6 Collective Games and Sports

Ages 3-6Instructors : Sam and Colin

Your children will be able to have fun, learn and create while cooperating with their peers!
The camp will feature board games, group outdoor games, team sports. At the end of the week, campers will have their very own board that they will take home; and they will have made it themselves!
Camp taught in French and English

Week 1 : June 28th - July 2nd 5+: ILA va aux Jeux Olympiques!

Ages 5+Instructors: Sam and Colin
We are passing off the torch ! We all know the feeling we get when the olympic games are approaching. It is the biggest stage in the world. The best athletes from all over, gathered in one place to compete for one of the highest honors in sports. We want to share this passion and excitement with our campers. As we follow the theme of this exciting world event we have tons of games and activities that help us teach kids about the olympic games. We will be diving into some long jump, turbo javelin (javelin without a sharp tip), foot races, badminton, golf, handball, archery, and more! Come join us as ILA goes to the 2021 Summer Olympic Games.
Camp taught in French and English

Week 1 : June 28th - July 2nd Arts and Crafts: Creativity Under the Sea

Ages 3-6 : Arts and Crafts : Creativity under the Sea
Instructors: Nadia et Pierrot
Put your captain’s hat on and enter a world of creation that includes painting, artistic techniques and materials. Campers will be able to do various works of art surrounding the beauty of ocean life: fish, boats, shells and crustaceans are just a few sea creatures that campers will focus on. Come celebrate summer and the start of summer camps!
Camp taught in French and English

Week 4 : July 19th - July 23rd 3-6: Mad Science -
Instructors: Mad Scientists

Discover, create and play! All aboard the imagination train as your young scientist takes a journey around the world of science. Join in the fun as we make our own inventions while exploring the world of inventors, learn to cast fossils in the domain of the dinosaurs, explore the vastness of space and create a comet, watch the pull of gravity with parachutes and feel the heaviness of the air pressure all around us.

(Ages 5 - 7) -
Decipher the world all around us in this exciting camp designed just for your young scientist! Campers will develop their earth awareness and explore this world as junior naturalists before heading for space as junior astronauts. Campers will also explore just why their big toe is important and how to find their center of gravity when they investigate the science of sports!
Camp taught in English

Week 6 : August 2nd - Aug 6th 4-7 Exploring Culture Through Cooking

4-7 Exploring Culture Through Cooking
Instructor: Debora and Dyna
Multicultural food scene allows us to taste flavours from all around the world and diversify our palate. Multicultural Cooking, kids interact and experiment with ingredients, dishes and flavour combinations.
This camp allows children to gain a sense of cultural awareness at a young age and encourages them to be open to trying new things. It also enriches campers’ relationships with food which they can continue to build upon in the future and will leave them with experience in cooking and tasting different cultural cuisines.
At the end of the camp, the campers will receive the recipes of all we made throughout the week so that they can make the recipes at home for their families!
Camp taught in French and English

Week 2 : July 5th - July 9th 5+ Lights , Camera, Action…

5+ Lights , Camera, Action…
Instructors : Pierrot and Nadia
Lights, Camera, Action! During this exciting week campers will be a part of the movie making process. We will be learning about lighting, angles, cameras, acting, directing, and much more! Campers will be acting and assisting in the realization of a short film. The film will feature the COVID virus as the villain while our campers are the heroes who overcome the struggles that the virus has placed on our lives. Dress up and play a role, decorate amazing costumes and scenes, explore fantastic imaginary worlds.
Camp taught in French and English

Week 5 : July 26th - July 30th 3-6:Sensory Camp

3-6: Sensory Camp
Instructors: Lili and Sophia
This summer, your kids will take a dive into sensory play. They will get to make different types of sensory benefiting activities which are shown to support learning. Make SLIME with your friends and discover the properties. They will explore different textures, manipulation of items, scents and so much more.
Camp taught in English

Week 5 : July 26th - July 30th 3-6: Music and Fairy Tales

3-6: Music and Fairy Tales
Instructor: Mr. Marc (Music Teacher)
Students will use French sounds, syllables and words to create songs inspired by fairytales. Students will learn about different styles of music from around the world. They will develop their sense of music and practice improvisation through games, music, percussion, dance and songs.
Camp taught in French and English

Week 3 : July 12th - July 16th 5+: The Path Back to ILA - The Secrets of Silver Mountain

5+: The Path Back to ILA - The Secrets of Silver Mountain
Instructor: Colin
Grab your compass and your map, because we are going on an epic adventure, ILA style. Campers will embark on an adventure of natural discovery. Learn to use a map and compass as you decipher clues and puzzles in order to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Silver Mountain. Embrace your inner explorer as we take hikes, play games, and create some exciting crafts that all have their own real world uses. Group up as a team for fun cooperative activities. Join us on the journey of a lifetime; you won’t want to miss.
Camp taught in French and English

Week 8 : Aug 16th - Aug 20th 6+ Un Auteur, Un Jour - An Author a day.

6yrs +: Un Auteur, Un Jour
Instructor: Mr. Marc (Music Teacher)
This camp will be dedicated to the pleasures of stories, reading, and books. We will voyage through the imagination of literature, discovering or rediscovering such classic authors as Roald Dahl, Hans Christian Andersen, Jules Vernes, and Dumas. We will also create our own stories through games, crafts, music, mime, theater, and dance.
Camp taught in French and English

Week 7 : Aug 9th - Aug 13th 3-6 Mad Science: In the Garden

3-6: Mad Science -
Instructors: Mad Scientists

A fun and hands-on introduction to basic environmental science. Your budding scientist will explore how living things grow and how they interact with the environment around them. They will discover how, why and where things grow, how weather affects our gardens, the basic science of seeds all while exploring leaves, flowers and the creatures that live in our gardens.

Calling all micro-scientists! Science is all around us all the time! Discover the secrets of creepy crawly "bugs" and wiggly worms. Learn about dinosaurs and why they became extinct. Science is involved in everything we do, from the color we see to the air we breathe, and even our own bodies!
Camp taught in English

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