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Summer Camp 2023!

We Summer Camp

Open to all 


(French Language Proficiency Not Required)


Camp hours 9:00am to 3:00pm - 7:30am early care (free)


Space is limited so sign up early to ensure your child has a spot.



(Dietary restrictions and allergies are carefully considered. There are many options for substitutions)


$385/week full day regular camp ($ 308 for week 2, 4 days)


Camps may not be prorated, students must attend all 5 days

Weekly after care –pick up by 4:30 + $40 

Weekly after care –pick up by 6:00 + $80


Week 1 June 26th - June 30th Ages 3-5 Sensory play

This summer, your kids will take a dive into sensory play. They will get to make different types of sensory-benefiting activities which are shown to support learning. Make SLIME with your friends and discover the properties of Oobleck slime. They will explore different textures, manipulation of items, tastes, scents and so much more.

Week 1 June 26th - June 30th Ages 5 and up: Movies making

Go behind the scenes at ILA. Campers will put their directors hat on as they come together to create an original movie. Come up with a script, create characters, act out scenes, and film a real movie. Meet us on Set!

Week 1 June 26th - June 30th Ages 6 and up. Arts

Campers will become real artists during this camp : They will work with different media such as painting, water color, mosaic, Land art, and crafts.

Week 1 June 26th - June 30th ILA WORLD CUP Ages 5+

"This camp features fun exercises and activities
designed to develop basic technical soccer skills and
help build a love for the game. Students will engage in a tournament, learning game skills, techniques, with a final world cup tournament at the end."

Week 2 July 3rd - July 7th Ages 5+ Dance

Students will have the chance to move their body through the rhythms of the world: Yoga, modern dance, gymnastics, country dance, African dance, and more.

Week 2 July 3rd - July 7th Sport nature : Biking, Hiking, Orienteering (6+)

The children will hike and learn orientation skills in the Springbrook Park on Monday,and practice their skills in Tryoncreek on Wednesday. The hikers will bike and enjoy nature on Thursday and Friday (departure Sellwood Park, on the Willamette River).

Week 2 July 3rd - July 7th ages 5+ Soccer Camp

Jump, kick, shoot, and score: join ILA for an exciting and engaging week of soccer! We have instructors who are extremely passionate about soccer. They want to share this passion with all the campers. Join ILA for exciting team and individual games, drills, skirmishes, and more!

Week 2 July 3rd - July 7th. Create juggling balls and then learn how to juggle with (3 to 5)

Campers will make their own balls to juggle with and learn techniques about how to juggle in this short week of camp!

Week 3 July 10th - July 14th Clay and pottery art (3 to 5)

Have your kids unplug with mud and clay in full-day camps, handbuilding and sculpture. Campers will craft everything from animals and world culture artifacts to handmade cups, bowls and plates that your family will treasure forever.

Week 3 July 10th - July 14th Story camp (5+)

Campers will become storytellers in this camp as they engage with stories of all varieties! They will work with different formats, such as verbal storytelling, comic strips, mad libs, creative games and more. By the end of the week students will have crafted a story of their own to bring home.

Week 4 July 17th - July 21st Drumming(6+)

Students will step into their power as they learn traditional drum rhythms from West Africa. Children will be instructed in playing two separate arrangements, which they'll showcase for their families at the end of the week. Each student is expected to bring only a focused mind and the determination for greatness, as they embrance a new instrument.

Week 4 July 17th - July 21st Artful Play (3-5)

This camp explores the various forms of group design and art using paint, stamps and stencils and chalk to create group imagery that will be transformed into banner art for our wonderful forest play area. A great camp to support the budding young artist and offers a chance to feel successful at any level.

The camp will also include playful activities with group games and healthy snacks from around the world.

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