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For all levels

Beginner - Advanced


Sophie Beauchet


$200 for an eight 

week session

$180 with early registration

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All classes will be taught by Sophie Beauchet, a native French speaker.

Each class will have a maximum of 6 students.

Beginner Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm - Thursday 4-5pm

This class is designed for students with little to no French language proficiency. Learn how to introduce yourself, count and spell, talk about your family,  and use the negative form and the present tense.

Upper Beginner 

This class is immediately following the beginner class. Learn how to ask and give the time, write a list, talk about your health, express your preferences, and use the future tense.

Intermediate (A1 ready) Monday 4-5pm

This class is immediately following the upper beginner class. Learn how to describe and navigate a city, explain the location of something, use the past tenses, give instruction with the imperative mood, ask and answer questions, and compare different objects.


Intermediate through conversation 

Get ready for your trip to France! Enhance your French skills in everyday situations such as ordering a meal in a restaurant, discussing health and well-being, talking about people you just met, and much more. This class is designed to encourage A1 level students to converse through role-playing games. Class taught mostly in French.


Upper intermediate (A2 ready) Wednesday 4-5pm

This class is immediately following the intermediate class. Learn how to talk about your interests, explain your point of view or ask someone’s opinion, write a concise news report, a childhood memory, or an official letter, describe an object, express your feelings, and use the conditional and the subjunctive moods.


Upper intermediate through conversation Wednesday 5-6pm

Get ready for your trip to France! Enhance your French skills in everyday situations such as ordering a meal in a restaurant, discussing health and well-being, talking about people you just met, and much more. This class is designed to encourage A2 level students to converse through role-playing games. Class taught mostly in French.


Advanced through culture

Enhance your French skills while reading French literature, studying different aspects of French culture, geography and history through books excerpts or press articles. Different topics and authentic documents will be chosen each week. Class taught only in French.


Advanced through conversation 

Enhance your French skills while exploring France culture through many topics such as gastronomy, the Francophonie, music, topical issues, and much more . This class is designed to converse with a focus on current events. Class taught only in French.



We offer private one-on-one tutoring. Start at any time and benefit from flexible scheduling and personalized instruction. Classes are available for adults, kids, and teens at all levels of proficiency.

INSTRUCTOR - Sophie Beauchet

Sophie Anchor
Sophie Beauchet_edited.jpg

Sophie was born in Nantes, France. After obtaining her French high-school diploma, she spent one year in Germany, where she worked as an au pair and tutored students in French. She came back to France where she earned an Associate degree in German from the Institut Catholique de Paris.


After getting married, she moved to Mougins, a beautiful village in the South East of France. She became a mom of two boys (now 18 and 15) whom she has always homeschooled. In 2006, she decided to explore the US with her family; she spent a year traveling the states, while based in Atlanta, Georgia. She returned to France on the coast of Brittany. In 2014, she moved to Oregon. Since then, she has continued homeschooling her kids and tutoring students.


In her spare time, Sophie enjoys baking, playing chess and traveling with her family. She is passionate about languages.


Pricin Anchor

Each class: one hour once a week

  • 8-week session: $ 180.00 for early birds*, $ 200.00 otherwise

  • Two or more classes: 10% off your first additional class, 20% off your second additional class…

  • Bring a friend! (to any class) $30.00 off your next session

  • Private tutoring: $40.00 / hour

*early birds: registration and payment one week before the beginning of the class at the latest.


Jessica Bird Hagestedt

The pace, flow, curriculum and engagement of Mme Sophie's class are above and beyond my expectations. What I thought would be an overwhelming and intimidating experience has turned out to be engrossing and empowering. Mme Sophie has created a class where you are actually learning French through her exercises and explanations. She is a saint of patience, and respects and takes seriously all questions, no matter how off topic they may be. 

Alexander Reid

I really like Sophie’s teaching because she is well organized, detailed and she pays attention to her students. She takes time to work old topics into new ones so that while we are working on learning a new topic we are also reviewing old vocabulary. Sophie is patient and doesn’t get frustrated with repeated mistakes, she understands that it isn’t easy to pick up a new language and that repetition is necessary.

Melanie Da Silva

Learning to speak French has been a personal goal of mine. Although time for myself is very limited I decided to try. Sophie guides you through learning a strong foundation. She provides the resources for you to make your learning experience what you want it to be. I personally believe it takes the dedication of 10-15 minutes a few times a week to practice on your own but the class is set up so that you don’t have to if you can’t. Being a working mom, Sophie gets that life is busy and there is no judgment. Bonne Chance!

After having forgotten much of the French grammar and speaking vocabulary I learned years ago in college, I was looking for a serious reboot to achieve my goal of speaking grammatically correct conversational French.  
Madame Sophie Beauchet’s native French speaking abilities, combined with her deep knowledge of French grammar, engaging teaching strategies, small classes, and attention to the individual needs of each student were just what I’d hoped for.
The basic French classes --both intermediate and advanced-- refreshed and strengthened my verb conjugation and use of French grammar. The conversation classes were chock full of French cultural facts, and the excerpts from French classics she selected for us to read, analyze, and discuss were fun and fascinating.
If you’re looking for anything from a good introduction to basic French to an advanced conversational class to improve your speaking skills, I highly recommend Sophie Beauchet’s Adult French classes.

-Teri Sall 

Sophie is a fantastic, very knowledgeable and professional French teacher, she knows how to connect with the students and keep high the interest level at all times, she is great at selecting and communicating the subjects for each class very efficiently, I truly enjoyed my classes on Monday and Tuesday with Sophie and the group of ladies in each class.  She turned around my work schedule since all I wanted was to be there in Monday and Tuesday for class with her.  

I think your school is an asset for our community.  I have been asked many times where is that I am taking my French classes and I am quick to recommend not only the school and the programs but the amazing directors and mostly the great Sophie

- Malu Sua

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