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Clubs May Through June 

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Paper Airplane Workshop (Club)

Mondays 3:30-4:30pm


Turn origami into aircraft with a few folds! Darts, gliders, jets and more. There are hundreds of different folds to make so many different planes. Learning physics with paper planes is so much fun. Students will be learning a different paper airplane design each week while learning some fun facts about physics and how planes work. There will be fun activities and games included like: Target Practice, Distance Contest, and Arial Acrobatics.

Dance Club (Free Form Dance)

Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm


Sometimes you just need to dance! Jump into an exciting dance program where creativity is key. Explore different kinds of music and move your body to the beat. Come up with your own dance moves and learn some simple and fundamental routines that are sure to excite.

Classes in Progress


Guitar Class

Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:30-4:30PM

Instructor: Colin 

Ages: K+

Cost: $30/Class

 8 weeks from 5/5-6/16(Older) and from 5/6-6/17(Younger)


Our very own Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Colin, will be our new after school guitar teacher! Colin has always had a passion for music. This eventually led him to teach himself how to play guitar. Colin has been playing guitar for 20 years and taught guitar in France before moving to the United States. This class will offer an exciting and fun way to learn the guitar. It will include references in both English and French in order to increase our students musical vocabulary in both languages. 


Parents will be responsible for renting or buying their own guitar, however Mr Colin and myself will be available to help with any questions regarding sizes, strings, and brands.

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